Blue Mangoes is a story featured in Ice Scream. It focuses on a birdlike creature called Gangoose McGee trying to get another birdlike character called Nicholas Mellow to eat blue mangoes.


Nicholas Mellow had just stepped outside when a strange little fellow appeared by his side.
"Blue mangoes, blue mangoes!", urged Gangoose McGee. "Won't you please try one? They're fresh and they're free!".
Nick picked up a mango. He gave it a poke. "But mangoes aren't blue!" he cried. "Is this a joke?"
"These mangoes are special. They come from the moon! Here, have a bite. I'll lend you my spoon."
"Thanks, but no thanks. These mangoes are funny. The outside is wrinkly, the inside is runny.
They smell like a squid wrapped up in old socks. Me, I'd prefer a big bag of rocks."
"Prefer? What is that? The name of your brother?" "No, "prefer" means you like one thing more than another.
I prefer not to eat one, Gangoose McGee. A mango that's blue is no mango for me."
"I'll slice it or dice it. I'll bake a nice cake! I'll peel it or pair it. I'll make a blue shake!
You simply must try it, it's so soft and so cheesy" "Please stop talking. You're making me queasy."
"If you don't buy some, I'll promise I'll pout. I'll hold in my breath; I won't let it out.
I'll stamp around and I'll throw a big fit if you don't try just one little bit."
"Okay, okay, I'm a reasonable fellow. I'll try them. I will", sighed Nicholas Mellow.
And so poor Nick, with a look of poor dread, took one tiny scoop, then suddenly said---

At this part, a page is missing, so the last line of dialogue is unknown.

Fake Ending

Helen Lorraine and T.D. Kennelly tried to make a fake ending to break up Alice and Truman's row, but Alice knew it was a fake as it was written in chalk. It went like this:

"I'm sorry, dear Gangoose. I can't eat your mangoes blue, for though you are my friend, to myself I must be true".

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