Bob is a dog that moved into town in Martha Walks the Dog


Bob is larger than Martha, but with smaller legs. He has a square face and floppy ears, with large eyes and teeth. He is taller and longer than Martha but not as tall or as long as Skits and he's broader than Skits. He has shaggy, dark brown fur.


He is a bit moody, barking a lot, and being a chaser, chasing anything and anyone, however, he will stop doing it if asked politely if he is also called a "good dog." It is also shown that he chews on lots of things, including his chain and his toys. He also plays with his food and classical music makes him sleepy.


Bob's owner's name is as yet unrevealed, but he is shown to be a tall, muscular, ginger man with grey pants and a ripped lime green shirt. He is revealed to like steak and have a very short temper, calling Bob a "bad dog" at the drop of a hat until Martha and Helen instructed him to do otherwise.

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