Martha, Helen, and T.D. uncover a plot to rob the jewelry store, or so they think until their two suspects turn out to be police detectives on a stakeout. Now that everybody has gone home in disgrace, how will Martha catch the real criminals?


  • T.D.: Good evening and welcome to the news. Stunning developments today in the trial of Louis Kablooie and James "Gimmie" Moore. Local dog Martha testifield. She witnessed the pair committing the crime. Kablooie insisted he was not guilty of robbing the bank. Then he said: [deep voice] "Actually, I am not Louie Kablooie. I am Zor from the planet pluto." [high-pitched] "Oh yeah?" said the judge "Well, I'm really Justice Man. Pluto isn't even a planet anymore." [deep voice] "Oh yeah? Take that. And that. And that."
  • Helen: (clear throat)
  • T.D.[normal voice]: Um... None if that happend. The jury found Kablooie guilty and he went to jail.That's all. Good-bye.

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