Firedog Freddie

Firedog Freddie is a storybook read to Jake Lorraine in Firedog Martha. It is about a firefighter who is a Dalmatian dog who behaves very much like a person and is written in rhymes, leading Martha to think that firefighters speak in rhyme. It made her want to be a firedog and is also one of Helen Lorraine's favourite books, being her very favourite when she was younger before adopting Martha and inspired her (Helen) to have a fantasy about being a firefighter, pretending her trike was a firetruck.


Fire Dog Freddie was an adventurous fellow.

He wore a hat that was red and a coat that was yellow.

When the fire bell rang, he jumped to his feet.

He slid down the pole and roared down the street.

He climbed up the ladder with the hose in his mitts.

And put out each fire, lickety split.


  • After Helen read this, Martha fell asleep and dreamt that she was a firefighter dog who was putting out a fire whilst doing things she can't in waking life such as putting on a jacket and driving. She also had fleas in the dream and was rewarded with a steak. Interestingly, in the dream, Helen was narrating even though she was nowhere in sight and everyone was speaking in rhyme. The dream also used a different animation style than most of the show.
  • Real dogs can occasionally drive (sort of), but they can't hold hoses or button jackets as they don't have thumbs. Freddie also walked on his hind paws. Real dogs can sort of do this, but their physiology prevents them from doing it for long periods of time.

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