Martha was a dumb old dog She went Bark! Bark! When she ate some alphabet soup Then what happened was realy wierd On the way to Martha's stomach The letters went traveled to her brain! Made her go crazy! And she's got a lot of crazy things to say

Now she speaks How now, brown cow? Martha speaks Yeah, she speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks.

What's a caboose? What are we eating again? Martha speaks.. Hey Joe poop, what do poop? My name's not Joe poooooooop! She is a Hi there! She's got that voice, she's ready to pout! Take her to the spout but still! Martha speaks! That dog's dumb! Shes out of her mind! dump her in the trash can! But stillll! Martha speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and speakkssss! She is Dumb! Crazy! Ugly! Unreasonable! Unstopable! (pant, pant, pant) Martha speaks!