Martha Speaks (book)
Martha speaks book
Author Susan Meddaugh
Illustrator Susan Meddaugh
Publication date 09/28/1992[1]
Published by Walter Lorraine
ISBN 0395729521
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Martha and Skits

Martha Speaks is the first book by Susan Meddaugh. Released in 1992[1].


When Helen Finney feeds alphabet soup to her dog, Martha, the letters in the soup travel directly to Martha's brain and she develops the ability to speak. At first, Helen is delighted to have a talking dog, but she soon finds that having such a pet causes a lot of problems. Will Martha's big mouth bring Helen and her pet fame and fortune or will they end up in the doghouse instead?


The book was selected by the New York Times Book Review as one of the Best Illustrated Children's Books of 1992[2].