Martha Speaks (book series)
Author Susan Meddaugh
Publication date September 28, 1992 - August 25, 2008
Published by HarperColins Publishers
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This is a list of books from the original Martha Speaks.


  • Martha Speaks (book) - The first book. Helen Finney (as Lorraine in the TV show) feeds Martha alphabet soup and she talks. But when she blabbers too much Helen's dad tells her to... shut up!!
  • Martha and Skits (book) - The second book. TD rescues a dog but since his dad OG is allergic to some dogs (like Skits, not Martha) so TD gives the dog to Helen.
  • Martha Blah Blah (book)- The third book. Granny Flo reduces her staff to come up with a sneaky way to earn more money. But when Granny subtracts half the letters off Martha's voice keeps diminishing.
  • Perfectly Martha (book) - The fourth book. Otis Weaselgraft and Pablum start a dog training school. Then Martha figures out that Otis and Pablum is misbehaving, not the dogs.
  • Martha Calling (book) - The fifth book. Martha wins a prize to the hotel Come-On Inn but since the hotel has a no dogs allowed policy, Martha dresses up as Granny Martha.
  • Martha Walks the Dog (book) - The final book. Martha meets a fierce new dog in town named Bob who has a chain.

Spin-Off Books

  • The Game - The first spin-off book. Martha plays the game player but now in dog in town named Bob.
  • Pink Milk - Martha and his friends playing in his PBS Kids GO! ZOOM logo.
  • Los Angeles to Mexico - The trip loves his friend with Martha and his friends from the field day.
  • Martha Sing Along - Play and music to sound and we hear the music includes 12 songs.
  • Phoenix, Arizona - Limit have supercamper cheese have any boxes.
  • Washington D. C. - Washington D. C. lives Martha in the White House live at the bridge.
  • January 3, 1992 - She lives the television show in Georgia Public Television watches himself Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street.
  • Buffalo, New York - She trips into the series played over.

Originally published in Spanish in 2007.


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