The PBS Kids website has several games based on the show Martha Speaks.

Martha Seeks

In this game, the player uses the arrow keys to move Butterscotch, Streak, and Mandarin around the park and press the space bar to dig up objects. The aim of the game is to find bones for the puppies to eat, and Martha gives out hints as to the location of the bones. The game ends when each puppy has a bone.

Town Crier

The aim of this game is to make a fake newspaper, and it comes with a guide to news written from Martha's perspective. The stories include a steak theft, a sports win, a theatre being taken over by animals, the weather, and a food spillage.

In the Park With Skits

It involves Skits in the park and the player is guiding him with the arrows to help him sniff out objects. If you bump into a cat it ends the game. It has twelve rounds, and at the beginning of each round, Martha tells the player not to bump into any cats.

Martha's Steaks

It involves collecting dog treats by clicking to make dogs do useful tricks. At the end of each level, the dog lands in a bowl of meat. Pops tumbles, Lily jumps, Skits runs, and Rinty flies.

Dog Tags

This is about adding stuff to a picture of a dog.

Circus Spectacular

Also known as Martha's Circus Spectacular, the aim is to win four gold bones to see what's behind the curtain. The bones can be earned if you have a webcam.

Snack Shot

Involves moving your hand down when you hear words related to Martha's given word. If successful, food will land in the sayer's net. You do this with five ywords

The Pops-Inator

Involves moving your hand in the direction of the arrows to make Pops do tricks.

Crash Course

Involves moving your hand to guide Carlo.

The Amazing Spindini

Involves moving your hand to catch spinning plates.

Pup Talk

Involves using pictures and recording your voice to write a story.

Rhyme Time

Involves making a rhyming poem from randomly-generated rhyming words.

Make the Band

Involves clicking on various band members and instruments to make a band.

Word Play

Involves making a play from several different words.


Involves attaching socks to a washing line, attaching Skits's leash to his collar, and attaching the parts to the robot elephant.


Involves examining Skits's face, X-raying the animals, and looking for hidden paw prints in a painting.


Involves helping Carlo lift Skits, helping François in his forklift lift a rhino, and helping a giraffe lift Professor Monkey.


Involves balancing Skits's hat, a seesaw, and and balancing a pineapple on Martha's nose.


Involves melting ice cream into Francois's mouth, melting ice surrounding Bert, and melting cheese in a sandwich.


Involves smoothing frosting, concrete, and a bed.


Involves painting a picture, a fence, and two doghouses.


Involves sorting balls, dogs by size, and the letters from the numbers.


Involves finding the soup so Martha can eat it and make it vanish, trying unsuccessfully to make Jeffy vanish, and somehow successfully making Nelson vanish.


Involves making Alice mimic Helen's dancing, helping T.D. mimic Helen's guitar playing, and mimicking Helen's drawing.


Involves comparing a space suit to scuba gear, the dirtiness of Francois and Skits, and the height of Burt and another dog.

Crazy Vehicle

Involves guiding Martha in a vehicle which can transform into a car, boat, and helicopter to help her deliver post.

Socks in Space

Involves collecting T.D.'s missing socks with the mouse while in space, all the more avoiding alien cats, the hairballs they cough up, and asteroids.

Skits Cooks

Involves making pizza in Skits's dream.

Martha's Scrapbook

Involves finding the correct words to label the pictures in Martha's scrapbook.

Dogs On Ice

Involves seeing which ice skating dog demonstrates a word.


Involves matching the pieces to their correct places.

Funny Photos

A "what's wrong with this picture?" game.

Skits's Tricks

Involves training Skits to guard, retrieve, find, and catch.


Involves playing fetch with Skits in result of answering true-or-false questions.

Pup Pals

Involves playing with Martha's friends in various ways.


Involves washing the dogs.

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