Five Decepticons are hiding in the Transformers Wiki.

They must be destroyed.

You are Optimus Prime. You're on a quest to uncover 5 Decepticons who have taken refuge behind images on this wiki. The images will appear normal until they are in your sights (the game will activate your Ion Blaster. Scroll with your mouse and fire by clicking on the left mouse button). Your first target, Barricade, is hiding on this page. Shoot at every image below and eradicate him!

Ready to go? Transformers-event-button-loading
To end the game, hit the T key and your mouse will return to normal


Shoot the images below to find a hidden Decepticon.

The game continues on other wiki pages.

Make sure the pages load before shooting.

  • This event will run until July 6th at 8AM PST.
  • Those who complete the game will get a special password. Send us an email with the password as the title, and you'll be eligible to win the following prizes:
  • 5 winners will win (4) four IMAX tickets to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Tickets for the movie are now on sale, but we have your chance to win free IMAX tickets here
  • 5 winners will get a copy of 3 IDW Transformers comics (Revenge of the Fallen: Alliance, Revenge of the Fallen: Defiance, and, Revenge of the Fallen movie adaptation)
  • 12 winners will win codes for a free iTunes download of a Transformers comic of their choice!

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