January 1: New Year's Day: A day where people wish everyone a new year. (International)
January 19: Martin Luther King Jr. Day: ... (USA)
January 26: Chinese New Year: China's version of New Year's Day. {China)


February 2: Groundhog Day: ... (USA & Canada)
February 13: Friday the 13th: A day where Jesus dies and revives on the 14th. (International)
February 14: Ash Wednesday: A day where people give their friends valentines. (International)
February 25: Ash Wednesday: ... (International)
February 18: President's Day: A day for U.S. presidents. (USA)


March 8: Daylight Saving Time Beginning: A day where people save time. (eg.: 6:00PM turns into 5:00PM.) (International)
March 13: Friday the 13th: The second Friday the 13th. (International) March 17: St. Patrick's Day: ... (...)
March 20: Spring: A day where flowers begin to grow. (International)


April 1: April Fools' Day!: A day where people tell fools. (International)
April 5: Palm Sunday: ... (International)
April 10: Good Friday: ... (International)


May 10: Mother's Day: A day when people control their mothers. (International}


June has "Father's Day" and a season called "Summer".


It has "4th of July".



September has "Back to School" were students go back ton school, "Labor Day" is a holiday and "Fall" is a season when it gets very windy and leaves falling gown and turns them into red , brown , yellow and orange.


October has "Cloumbus Day" and "Halloween".


November has "Thanksgiving".


It's a big holiday month that has "Christmas Day" where God was born and celebrating including Chirstmas Television, Christmas Tree and Lights, Christmas Songs, Christmas Food and Christmas Presents and Goodie Bags including toys, video games, etc. "Christmas Eve" to get ready for Christmas. "New Year's Eve" to get ready for a new year. "Kwanzaa" and Hanukkah"is to have a fun time and holding candles. "Winter" is a season that has snow and windy.