Nurse Martha: Poor Martha. She was afraid she got a vaccine and then became the assistant to the Vet named Sillywhim. The next day, she got her friends well now to help us all become freinds again. For example, Nurse Martha was a-okay after having been sneezed by her friend, Nelson, her nemisis, who had a bad cold. And I like that part better. In the end of the episode, Martha did great and... YOU NAME IT! Isn't that great? Well, if that's Sillyville for you, anything can happen. And that's the end of Nurse Martha.

TD Gets the Scoop: TD saw something in the newspaper, a Carolina Town Crier story. Plus, Martha was a-okay and she always saw a very, very, very, unbelievably BIG story in the news on TV. And after things which are un-solved, everyone must re-solve his or her differences. And you know all about... well, ladies and gentlemen, see what I mean?