Polly is the pet parrot of Ronald Boxwood.

She is green and blue.

Polly can say a few phrases, of which Ronald is very proud, even though he sometimes is a bit rude to her when she doesn't say what he wants her to say.

Martha finds her a bit annoying but thinks of her as a good parrot.

Phrases Polly can say

  • "Good parrot"-taught by Ronald and Martha.
  • "Good dog"-taught by Daniel and Martha.
  • "You must have fleas"-taught by Martha.
  • "Oh, brother"
  • "Bob is a wonderful dog"-taught by Martha.
  • "Great dog"-taught by Martha.
  • "Why do shoes have to be so stiff?"-taught by Mrs Demson.
  • "This punch is watery"-taught by Mrs Demson.
  • "My knees hurt"-taught by Mrs Demson.

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