Reginald (Martha's Paper Chase) 007

Reginald Steinglass

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Reginald Steinglass is Ronald Boxwood's friend and he helps Ronald in some of his schemes.

Physical Appearance

Reginald is a white male teenager with dark-brown hair. He wears glasses, a white long-sleeve dress shirt, a turquoise (or at least a greenish-blue) vest, possibly a sweater vest, a possibly orange and yellow neck-tie, baige slacks, and possibly light brown loafers.



  • Sam Steinglass (Reginald's Brother)


  • Ronald Boxwood.

Episode Appearances

  • Wagstaff Races
  • Martha's Paper Chase
  • It's The Giant Pumpkin, Martha

There may be more appearances by Reginald than what is provided.

Image Gallery

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