Season 6 aired in in 2014


1. T.D. Gives a Report

2. Martha's Canine Cleaners

3. April Fools

4. Bully for You!

5. Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat

6. Grandpa Bernie Cleans

7. Thou Callest Me A Dog

8. Martha's Paper Chase

9. Alice Tells a Story

10. Pirates and Princess

11. Tomato, You Say

12. Martha Questions

13. Martha's Holiday Surprise

14. We're Powerless!

15. Martha's Sweater

16. The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur

17. The Shore Thing

18. Martha and the Big Job

19. Alice Saves The Day

20. Beach Trip

21. Helen's Backpack Mishap

22. Martha's Imagination

23. Helen's Gots The Report

24. Martha's Soup Mystery

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