300px|right|thumb|Season 1's Theme Song The theme song is a opening song for the series.


Martha was an average dog, she "WOOF!", "WOOF!", and "Rrrrrrr!".
When she drink alphabet soup, then was about was a result.
On the way to Martha's stomach the letters lose their way, they travel to her brain and now...
She's got a lot to say, now she speaks
"How now brown cow"
Martha speaks, yes, she, speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks
What's a caboose, what are eating again?
Martha speaks
"Hey Joe, what do you know"
My name is not Joe.
She's not always right but still that Martha speaks.
"Hi there"
She's got a voice and ready to shout, Martha will tell all about.
Sometimes wrong and sort it out, Martha will tell you all about that dog.
Hear her speaks, Martha speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and---

Martha says the vocabulary words from the episodes.
Martha tolerate, "MARTHA SPEAKS!"