A number of vehicles pay significant parts in the series.


This was a boat that Helen, Truman, Alice, Ronald, and Martha went on a day trip on in Truman and the Deep Blue Sea to spot whales. It is a large motorboat with a white deck and a red and blue hull. It also has a downstairs cabin and several chairs on the deck. Truman was nervous to board it due to his seasickness. Throughout the cruise, several characters noticed a humpback whale, some dolphins, water, a pencil, a sandwich that had been dropped on the ground, and a man juggling oranges. Before the events of this episode, a boat, possibly the same one, was used to ride on while Mariella was in labour.


This was used to test Truman's nausea, and again for Carolina's science project on survival in Escape from Flea Island. In the latter, they believed it to be wrecked, but really it was just full of water and they got it up and running again. It is also used by the Lorraine family on trips to Flea Island.

O.G.'s Car

O.G. Kennelly drives a red car with windows on both sides and a brown interior. The car is longer than it is wide.

Martha's Contraption

This was only seen in the game Crazy Vehicle. It was an orange thing driven by Martha that could move on land, water, and, with the use of a propeller, in the air. It probably doesn't really exist as Martha mentions in The Jakey Express that she can't drive.

Jake's Kiddie Car

A plastic toy shaped like a car that's big enough for Martha and Jake to ride in. Sometimes, Jake pushes while Martha rides in it.


Danny once tried to flag a taxi when Mariella was in labour, but the driver thought he was too "stinky" because he'd previously fallen in some rubbish.

Removal lorry

This is a large white truck with a red and blue logo on it that was used to transport the Lees' stuff when they moved in.

Lorraine Family Car

A blue and brown four-door model that is longer than it is wide and it is used when the Lorraines travel long distances. Daniel usually drives with Mariella in the front passenger seat, Helen in the left back, Jake in the right back and Martha and Skits in the middle back.

Helen's Bike

Helen rides a navy blue bicycle with no stabilisers. She generally wears a navy blue helmet while riding it.

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