Virtually Martha: After Martha hit the wrong button, she was brought to the computer by a zap. So that welcomes her to THE WORLD OF WEE SING, with videos: WEE SING TOGETHER, KING COLE'S PARTY, GRANDPA'S MAGICAL TOYS, WEE SING IN SILLYVILLE, THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, WEE SING IN THE BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAINS and WEE SING IN THE MARVELOUS MUSICAL MANSION. So this was great; she was really virtual till she was herself again. Would she be it? So find out in Virtually Martha. But, that's not all, the fun continues with Martha versus Robot.

Martha vs Robot: Come join Martha as she will be replaced by a robo mutt. She was great! Since the old episode, "Martha's Got Talent," the old robot was dead by being broken down. So don't be late to see Martha vs. Robot, and enter a land of Martha Speaks where things go hand in hand.