You are the one who is reading this article and watching martha speaks while eating walnuts every day! You put a bomb in marthas bowl of soup she wants you to stop anoiying her! When (insert name) turns on the tv martha apears in your home! Martha cant see you! you are just a black shadow moving around watching her all the time! She just hears your voice! Unlike everyone in this show you cant move! The camera just takes you where it wants you to go! Name: (insert name) Age: (insert age) Favorite activities: watching martha speaks while eating walnuts every day! anoiying martha by placing a bomb in her bowl of soup! Calling Helen a monkey! Friends: (insert friends names) Hates: martha,soup,steak,your self,treacle,dog poop,having to be quiet for martha to sleep for 29 minutes,a crate of purple jam,ham burgers. Eye color: no eye just a camera Color: A black shadow! Wieght: Just air

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